7 Steps to Rebuilding Trust

Here is a good reminder about trust in relationship: 1.) This can be adopted to trust broken in almost any relationship/friendship. 2.) I would add that a plan for how trust will be rebuilt is important to discuss and a time limit. Earning trust, once broken, can be difficult on both sides; but expectations need to be clear and when met, the one betrayed will sometimes need to make a decision to trust, in spite of how they feel. This can be the hard part—choosing to trust again when we struggle to forget. In couples therapy, this can sometimes be the hardest part.  It’s also important to discuss what else is lost when trust is broken like losing the benefit of the doubt.  If you’re having difficulty in your relationship, I would love to help. Experienced betrayal, or need some help trusting again in your relationships, let us help. Here at Seasons we have several counselors who love working with couples and families including myself. 



-Maribel Rodriguez, LMHC