DBT Training - Hosted by Seasons Counseling!

Dialetical Behavorial Therapy (DBT) was originally developed by American psychologist Dr. Marsha Linehan in the 80s to treat patients with borderline personality disorder (BPD) and chronic suicidal ideation. The first treatment study of DBT was published in 1991, this study showed DBT to be effective treatment for people with borderline personality disorder.  

I remember sitting in class during graduate school and learning about BPD.  I walked out of the class angry and disappointed.  We were told those with BPD had little hope, and it was untreatable.  So when heard about the success of DBT, tears streamed down my face. With DBT, people are taught to accept their thoughts and feelings, while also learning techniques to deal with them. 

When developed, DBT was geared towards people who have multiple, often complex and co-ocurring disorders.  Today DBT is used and successful with BPD as well as other mental health issues including self-harm, depression, PTSD, eating disorders and substance abuse issues.

Seasons Counseling Orlando is pleased to bring you the First Orlando DBT training.  We are committed to providing the Orlando community DBT with integrity of care.  

Interested in learning more about DBT, see our flyer and signup for our upcoming Two Day DBT Training!

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