Orlando Counseling

Located conveniently in Winter Park, Florida, Seasons Counseling Orlando offers a comfortable and safe environment for you and/or your family to get real and get healed!

Whether you struggle with chronic depression and anxiety or are currently in the midst of an unexpected crisis, our counselors are ready and equipped to help you navigate toward joy and success in this and all of life’s seasons.


Individual Counseling

We can help you get clarity regarding where you've come from, what's going on and how to move forward. Ready with tools in hand, our counselors can help equip you to move forward in life, resourcing you and helping you gain insight into your problems, personality and potential. 


Couples Counseling

Whether you are in need of pre-marital counseling, a marriage tune-up, or you find your relationship falling apart, our counselors can help your relationship become a safe and nurturing place, once again.



Attuned to developmental stages and needs, our counselors are able to provide an age-appropriate set of interactions to engage clients (and their parents) in the work of opening up, noticing what hurts, and effectively navigating toward solutions.


FAMILY Therapy

Whatever messy, tenuous or hard experience you have encountered, our counselors come alongside your unique family system, providing insight and tools to help everyone navigate those difficulties and transitions in a loving and connecting way.


Trauma Treatment

Life is wrought with deeply disturbing or distressing experiences — trauma. For those with unresolved trauma, it is normal to often feel overwhelmed or out of control. Our counselors use evidence-based treatment protocol to help you regain a productive grasp on reality and find hope in a positive future.


Additional Services