Good supervision makes for great clinicians and satisfied clients. 

Orlando Counselor Supervision:
the most important part of your education

Registered Mental Health Counselor Interns in Florida are required to be under regular supervision by a Licensed Mental Health Counselor qualified as a Clinical Supervisor in the state. It's a safety precaution for your clients and a unique learning opportunity for you. Choosing the right supervisor is the most important part of your professional education. That's where qualified Clinical Supervisor Dan Marcone, LMHC comes in.

In His Own Words ...

"Supervision with me involves much more than case consultation. I believe the best therapists have really learned who that are and how they can uniquely help clients. Because I have a comprehensive and extensive understanding of most clinical modalities and interventions, I am able to aid Registered Interns in discovering what fits and works best for them.

We're likely a good fit if you have a desire to develop yourself and are passionate about learning — not only about your profession, but yourself, as well."

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