The Test of Variables of Attention (T.O.V.A.)

Quantitative measurement of attention and inhibitory control to aid in assessment of add and adhd

Seasons counseling orlando offers both the visual and auditory versions of the tova test as well as analysis

T.O.V.A. provides quantitative evidence for attention deficiets and the test can be vital in aiding with the diagnosis of ADD or ADHD. T.O.V.A. can also be used in conjunction with Neurofeedback as a measure of progress. 



Pricing for the T.O.V.A. Test is as follows:

Intake - 1-3 Sessions at Counselor's Rate to evaluate past history and psycho-emotional state

T.O.V.A. Test - Visual Test: 30-50 min session at $125

                        Auditory Test: 30-50 min session at $125

                        Both Tests: 50min - 90min session at $250

Analysis Session - An in-depth analysis of the results is presented and a diagnosis may be made at that time. Further treatment may be discussed. This session is at counselor’s rate.