Knowledge of self is an open door to a life of purpose.

Orlando Personality Assessment:
Learn who you are and why it matters

At Seasons Counseling Orlando, we are big proponents of understanding our clients and helping them get to know who they are, how they tick, and ultimately, why that matters. We actively approach that understanding through a theoretical personality perspective know as the Enneagram.

The Enneagram of Personality is an ancient, time-tested personality model that breaks down human personalities into nine distinct numbers

Unlike other personality theories, the Enneagram provides specific insight into what drives and motivates people instead of attempting to simply define a person. In laymen's terms: understanding your Enneagram type doesn't pigeon-hole you, but actually resources you to connect with and extend yourself into who you were designed to be. 

Why Should you Care?

If you are interested in counseling because of unhelpful behaviors, harmful relational patterns, or a general  inability to control your thoughts and emotions, the Enneagram can help identify the source of these problems. Enneagram results quickly identify shame, anger, and fear messages that have gained momentum throughout our lives and give us the information to expose and debunk those lies.

For those already on a path to self-awareness, the Enneagram is a helpful map on the journey. A glimpse at the Enneagram quickly illustrates how you've come to your present circumstances and offers a sense of direction for your next steps.

how to interpret your results

Most people find their highest scoring Type to feel like the perfect fit. However, others (namely those who score with minor differences between numbers) feel unsure. Don't worry — even if the Enneagram number you received feels spot-on to who you are, your number is not definitive. You are not just your number. You may feel that your number does not fully incorporate all of who you are and that’s normal. You may be a combination of a few numbers, and that’s also completely normal. The goal in taking the test is to provide you an entry into the Enneagram model of thinking about personality AND to ignite curiosity regarding what makes you, YOU. We suggest that you research your top few numbers to see which one you connect most with.

If you want to take the journey of self-exploration further, let us know:

Next Steps

After taking the test, you can explore your number (or numbers) with your counselor. For additional information, visit the Enneagram Institute. The Institute has a variety of free resources for each number and offers a user-friendly guide to diving deeper into your personality.