Tyler Knightly, M.A., Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern

In his own words ...

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I was born in Florida but grew up in Florida, Washington, and Kentucky. I spent most of my childhood playing soccer, reading books, and playing games. I finished high school in Louisville, deciding to stay to finish my undergraduate degree in Psychology at the University of Louisville. In University is where I met the counselor that started the path towards being a counselor by showing me what a positive impact that relationship could have on my life.

But after graduating I found myself very stuck. I had no idea what I wanted to do and I had no plans. After a few months I decided to move back to Florida to help take care of some elderly members of my family and soon got a job at DCF. This inspired me to make a change so that I could have a more direct impact on those that needed help and I was soon enrolled at UCF, the same school my counselor in university went too. I discovered that counseling was the perfect way for me to help people on the individual level that I wanted, finishing my M.A in Mental Health Counseling.

Through my work as a counselor I’ve noticed that there is a need for trauma and career counseling services as these are issues that affect a large majority of people. So before graduating I completed the Career Counseling Certificate, one of very few Mental Health Counselors who obtain this certification. In addition I’ve strived to improve my knowledge not only in trauma and career, but everything else I’ve seen my clients struggle with. I hope to become a counselor that can help every client make lasting changes while building a sincere and safe counseling relationship.

When I’m not delving into new research or trying to expand my skills, I try to keep myself balanced. I have a group of friend to go play basketball with when I can or I’ll stay in and play whatever game has my interests at my time. Always making sure to make time for the people who have been with me since this wild journey started