Adrienne Van Es, M.A., Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern

In HER Own Words ...

I am a Florida girl, born and raised.  I have always had a strong interest in working with and helping people.  When I first started at UCF, I wasn’t sure what path I wanted to take.  During my first semester I enrolled in a general psychology course and fell in love.  I spent my undergraduate career obtaining a degree in psychology and conducting an extensive amount of research under the supervision of doctoral students and professors.  Through research I gained a bit of self discovery and found I thrive off knowledge, especially learning how the brain and body connect with our thoughts and emotions.

After graduating, I took a year to work and participate in an internship.  Another passion and enormous part of who I am is working with animals.  I was fortunate enough to accept an internship working with and researching dolphin behavior.  I loved it and I quickly became aware of the amazing connection I had with these animals and how incredibly therapeutic it was.  That led to more research into what I could do to help people who could benefit from such a relationship.  Turns out, counseling was the answer!  Animal therapy is extremely powerful and it connects the two things I enjoy most; helping people and working alongside animals.  I found myself coming back to UCF to begin working on my masters in counselor education, specializing in mental health counseling.

 I am blessed with the opportunity to work at Seasons and continue to learn more about my career choice.  One day, I will incorporate all that I have learned with animal therapy into most of my work.  I have seen the bond between people and animals and it can create immeasurable healing and love.  I want to be able to provide that bond and relationship to all of those in need of this and help build a happier, healthier world. I have a particular interest working with children, adolescents and young adults.

When I do happen to come across some free time, I enjoy a variety of activities. I can’t express enough how important my family, boyfriend and close friends are to me and I appreciate every moment I get to spend with them. I believe mental health starts with taking care of your physical health so I’m in the gym most days of the week.   I also have fun taking my dog out to the park,  watching NFL Sunday (and praying for a Colts win) and scuba diving.